Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What's In the Bag?

There's a game called "What's in the Bag?" where you try to guess who the person is by pulling out the items or artifacts in the paper bag one at a time. The items are random things that are important to the person. For example, if we played the game and pulled out a (1) football, (2) Bronco Jersey (3) Super Bowl ring, (4) map of Indianapolis, Indiana...who do you think would be "in the Bag? Peyton Manning, of course.

Now, imagine you are putting items or artifacts in the bag for people to try to guess that you are "in the bag." What items or artifacts would you put in your bag? Tell why that item is important to you? Be specific, give details, try to imagine us pulling that item out of the bag as you describe it.


  1. 1- Volleyball- I love Volleyball and I have a lot of fun when I play. I am always willing to play with anyone, anytime.
    2- Books- I like to read to relax me. Reading doesn’t take a lot. Just a willing reader and a good book.
    3- Pencil- I love to write stories and move pencils on paper. I just feel so excited when I get to write something.
    4- Colors: Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple- I like to use these colors in my everyday life. These colors make me happy and I wish everything was pink, blue, green, and purple.
    5- Math Facts- I like math so much and I think I am grateful when I do it. I think math facts are a good representation of overall math.

    -Caroline Wolf

    1. Caroline I could have guessed this after number one! I love how much you have strengthened your passion for volleyball. It was something that got me through middle school and high school and I know it will do the same for you. We should play this spring together at recess, I miss it. You are awesome and a strong student as evident by your other choices. I love that you put a book, a year ago I don't know if that would have made the list! You go girl.

  2. What’s in the bag

    Lacrosse- Lacrosse is a meaningful sport to me because I spent a lot of my time on it.
    Addie- Addie is a good friend and always will make you happy.
    paint brush- Painting and art is one of my greatest passion and I do it all the time. It really brings out my creativity.
    4 . Basketball- basketball is my favorite sport during winter because it gives me something to do.

    1. This shows what a well rounded person you are - athletic and artistic! I know your Art Start mom would be proud of how talented you've become. You crack me up with "basketball gives me something to do." I am so bad at basketball I couldn't even dribble well. This is the perfect bag for you.

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  3. If the game, “What is in the bag?” was pulling things out of a bag to describe me, there are many things that they should put in.
    First, they should put in a girls lacrosse stick because I love to play lacrosse and it is my favorite sport. I love to play all day everyday and it makes me happy.
    Second, they should put in a picture of a malamute or a real malamute because they are one of my favorite type of dog and I have two of them.
    Third, they should put in a picture of a smiley face because I love to smile and be happy. I always smile and laugh!
    Fourth, they should put in Mrs. Potts because she is my teacher and I love her so much as a teacher.
    Fifth, they should put in a drawing and a paint brush because I love to do art. Art is one of my favorite things to do besides lacrosse.
    Sixth, I would put in skis, skis poles, and a Beaver Creek logo. They should put that in because I love to ski at Beaver Creek and it is another one of my favorite sports!
    Many things should be put into “The Bag” but these should be the main things. They are very important to me and show who I am. :-)
    ~Sutton D.

    1. Sutton I love this - I probably could have figured out it was you after the first two. You are always smiling, it is one of my favorite things about you, you can even smile through the pain, which is impressive. Thank you for your kind words about me, can I pick the picture though? I have taken some bad ones so just saying...You are an amazing person :)

  4. 1. Football- I love to play it with my friends and watch it with my dad.
    2. Reading- I love to free read and get lost in the book.
    3. Math- love to work on problems and projects. I also love multiplication and addition.
    4. April- I love it because it has my birthday and it is near the end of the year for school.

    1. Good post, maybe add a little more detail. But, besides that it is a great post that describes you well!:-)

  5. If I had to put four things in the bag I would choose very important things to me. Number one would be a Basketball. I play basketball for south s and have been playing for many and many years. The second thing I would put in her bag is a model of a fish. I love to fish especially in big lakes where you can catch bigger fish. The third thing I would put in the bag would be a picture of a cute dog. My favorite animal is a dog and I have a really cute on which I love writing about. The last thing I would put in the bag would be a big letter T. T is my favorite letter and it is one of the letters in my name. Hopefully someone can guess who that stuff belongs to and figure out who I am.

    - Tristen H

  6. Name:Ava McHale
    Date:November 13th, 2015

    “What is in the bag”

    A soccer ball. A soccer ball is important to me because I have been playing soccer for five years. Also, a soccer ball is important to me because I have a big passion for playing soccer. And, because I love soccer. So, a soccer ball would fit right into the catagory of me loving soccer.

    2) A stuffed animal dog. A stuffed animal dog because I love dogs. I couldn’t put a real dog in because it might die. So, a stuffed dog would be perfect. Also, a stuffed animal dog would be in my bag because I have a dog. So, a stuffed animal dog would fit right into the catagory of me loving dogs.

    3) A pillow. A pillow because I love to sleep. Also, a pillow because sleeping is one of the things I do almost all of the 12 hours of night. A pillow because it is warm and keeps my head comfortable when I need it to be. So, a pillow would fit right into the catagory of me loving pillows.

    4) A book. A book because I love to read. Also, a book because reading is part of my life I am able to learn new things and teach other people new things too. A book because I read every single day whether it is one hour or 11 minutes it doesn't matter because I do read. So, a book would be fit right in the category of me loving books.

    1. I love that you said a pillow - I would have guessed the other three if I was making a bag for you, but I never would have guessed pillow. I just learned something new :) I think I need to find a pillow that I love as much as you love yours. The challenging question would be WHICH BOOK! I agree that is perfect for your bag, but which book would it be - that can tell me a lot. You also cracked me up with your dog section. I am glad you aren't risking the life of an animal for your bag. I know you love dogs because you are so good at spoiling mine. She loves you because of all her treats!

  7. I would put a soccer ball, a paintbrush, a quote my friends, and goggles. I would put a soccer ball in because I love soccer and that is all I want to do. Soccer is my life I have done it since l was little. I would put a paint brush because I love scenery and art. I am very good at art. Ever since the beginning of fourth grade quotes have impressed, inspired, and enlightened me. There are so many different kinds of quotes that teach you something important. My friends, Sutton, Eden, Lindi, Abby, and Keira mean more to me then anything. They always cheer me up and are always there when I need them. We brake the rules together and goof around. Finally, Goggles are important to me because I love to swim. I have been swimming since age 1. Maybe longer. The water feels amazing and I would live there if I could.

    1. I think these are great choices for your bag Addie. I didn't know you had been swimming since the age of 1, wow, you are like a fish. I loved reading this because I probably could have guessed it was you, but I also learned a few new things about you too. Thanks for explaining everything so clearly and how it fit you!

  8. Quenton A.
    November 16, 2015

    The things I would put in my bag are a rubik's cube, a clarinet, a game controller, a laptop, a video game, and a picture of my cat. I would put in a rubik's cube because I love to play with and solve them. Plus almost everyone knows me because I can solve rubik's cubes. I would put in a clarinet too because that is my favorite instrument and the instrument I play. I would also put in a game controller because I am a gamer and love video games. Plus, I would put in a laptop because I love technology and a geek that people know also because of my love of technology. As well as that, I would put in a video game because I am once again a gamer. Finally, I would put in a picture of my cat because it is my cat and I love my cat.

  9. What’s in the Bag?
    If I had to put things in the bag for people to guess me I would put these four things because they are all very important to me. These four things have always been part of my life and it would be easy for people too guess.

    Swim Suit- I love swimming and it’s fun. It is a great form of exercise. I have been swimming since I was four years old and have always loved it. I have been on two teams and many swim lessons. I believe swimming is an important part of my personality.

    Headbands- I love headbands. They are fun to wear and are part of my personality. I wear headbands everyday and have at least 10 of them. I have headbands of all sizes and people know I love them.

    Mac-and-Cheese- I love mac and cheese. It has been my favorite food since I could eat. My parents say I love mac and cheese because it is part of my name. I have many memories of me and my cousin eating mac and cheese together and it is an important part of my life.

    Paint Brush- I love painting and art. Painting and art have always been important to me because I have always been interested in art and different artists. I am inspired to try different types of art from all around me. I love going downtown and looking at all the public art and art galleries.

  10. In the game " What's in the bag" here are somethings that I would put in to describe me.
    1. I would put in a football because, I really adore the game of football.
    2. I would put in a book because, I love to read whenever I can.
    3. I would put in hats because, I like buying and wearing hats.
    4. I would put in a W because, W stands for Warriors, my football team

  11. Taylor
    What’s in the bag?
    Soccer ball~ Because I love playing soccer and I do it a lot! It has been my sport since I was five. :-)
    Paint brush~ Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE art and it is one of my passions that I've done for a long time!!
    Converse~ Because they are the best shoes ever that I wear all the time [their my favorite shoes]
    Polaroid~ Because I love photography and want to be a famous photographer someday. [and it is another one of my passions and hobby that I love!]
    I have lots of other things, but these are the main things that describe me.

  12. If I were to put three items into a bag to explain me, this is what I would choose.
    (1) A soccer ball, because I love soccer. I have played it since I was 4.
    (2) A friendship necklace, my friends are very important to me. Hanging out with friends is always a great addition to the day.
    (3) A book because I always loved reading. I like every book from action to non-fiction. It can really calm me down.
    (4) My hairbrush, I couldn’t go without it! My hair gets tangled very easily.

  13. What’s In the Bag?
    1: Some goggles. I would put this in because, I love to swim and I can not live without goggles.

    2: A Picture of my dogs. I would do this because, I love dogs so so much. Especially my Golden Retrievers!

    3: Something Teal. I would put this in because, Teal is my favorite color.

    4: I would put a family quote. I would put this in because, I love my Family of my sister, my mom, my dad, my dogs, and my fish.

    5: I would put a doughnut. I would this in because, I love doughnuts! They are my absolute favorite food!
    There are many other things I could put but these are the things that best describe me.
    -Annie Gleason

  14. James L.

    If I were playing the game “What’s in the Bag?” these are some of the things I would defiantly put in my bag.

    Running Shoes- I love to run and race my friends because I know I’ll win. Running is important to me because it’s a good way to stay healthy and have fun. I also enjoy running because it is something my dad taught me to do better when I was about five. Running is also something that my family used to do when it was the good old days when only I was around to enjoy. Anyways, running is something that goes way back with me and to this day I still love to run around the backyard racing my little brothers.
    Kindle- I love to read on a mobile device that I can also play awesome games on. My Kindle Fire was the first present I received on my 10th birthday. At that time, I couldn't get enough of that thing. I still listen to audio books and play some games as I’m going to sleep. A Kindle, in my book is the best thing a kid could ever want in his lifetime. A book is the best thing ever when you digitize it.
    A size one soccer ball- I love soccer. It has been running in my family for years. My grandpa is a almost 50 year high school soccer coach, my dad is a college soccer coach for Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. I have gone to two of their championship games so my dad can teach me about soccer. I myself have played in rec. bronze for seven years and rec. silver for one. Soccer is something my family does soccer as a real bonding experience.
    A laptop- I love tech. I can modify Minecraft, code my own games, or type things up very quickly. You know how parents always say, “Back when I was a kid, didn’t have video games like those ones you always play.” OK, so what?, we do now! It is good to take advantage of things that people have created and that we can use today..

  15. If I were to play the "Bag Game" I know exactly what I would put in my bag :)

    1) Something Green - Green is my favorite color so it could be anything - a shirt, a wig, a blade of grass, a crayon, I LOVE GREEN! It has the ability to make me happy just by looking at it.
    2) A Box of Cheese-Its - If people ask me what my favorite food is, my answer is always cheese. I love fancy cheese, but in a pinch I can always grab a box of Cheese-Its and be happy, licking my lips. I even "tax" my students who bring them for a snack and eat one. I honestly can't buy them very often because I could eat the whole box in one sitting (and feel very sick afterwards).
    3) A Broncos Football - Football is my favorite sport, I love to play it, I love to watch it. I am also a die-hard Broncos fan too so this would be the perfect representation of my passions. I could literally spend all day on Sunday watching football and the NFL RedZone channel - ok, call me an addict.
    4) A Quote Book - I live my life through quotes, they challenge me, inspire me, and help me through the tough times. I surround myself in them, with them as much as I can. I even share them with my students as much as I can to inspire them as well.
    5) Pride and Prejudice - This is my favorite book, my favorite author, my favorite movie of all time. It can put the light back in my life when clouds set in. It has the best female character around who inspires me to be strong and stand up for what I believe in.

    That is my bag and I have a feeling people would be able to guess it was me pretty easily.

    1. All of these I already knew, but it was nice to no why.

    2. @Mrs.Potts
      I think this was super funny. I can't believe that you said "A box of Cheese-It's" so funny! It made me laugh so much. I really liked it because you explained everything very well! And I think that I would figure out pretty easily!

    3. I would be able to tell who they were describing with Cheese-Its and Broncos football! This is a great post, it describes you perfectly!

    4. I love it Mrs. Potts! I admire how you can tell us about yourself, learn some new things, and make it funny. I thought it was helpful of you to not put any of the same things you did in your last Mrs. Maxey blog. That kept it interesting to read. Also, you described just enough detail in your sentences so I could still guess. I appreciate you posting something for us to read! Again, I enjoyed reading your post.

      -Caroline Wolf

    5. I could tell it was you pretty easily! :) Especially when you said "A box of Cheese-It's". I liked how you explained everything with lots of detail. Great Blog!!!

    6. @Mrs.Potts

      This response is amazing Mrs. Potts! I really like how you dig deep in to it when the things you choose were actually pretty basic. You make it really funny too, it's not like I am reading a boring blog response. This was a really easy solve for everybody in Mrs. Potts class. Good JOB!!!


  16. What’s in the bag?
    The things I would put in this bag would be:
    A soccer ball:
    I would put this in the bag because everyone knows that I play soccer. I do soccer year around. Right now, I will be doing a soccer clinic and indoor soccer with most of my team as well. I played my first indoor soccer game last weekend. Soccer is one of my favorite sport in the whole entire world. Soccer is my life!
    A chicken
    I have 16 chickens, 4 of them died though. Everyone knows that my chickens touch my heart each and every day. I have a family business that sells eggs and it is succeeding very well. We have two year olds, one year olds, and we have the earliest batch of chickens we got last summer. Having the first chicken die was my first experience having a pet die before. And i am stronger now if any more die.

    A Tenni shoe
    I am athletic and I play a lot of sports. I am a fast runner and I like gym class. Everybody knows that I love outdoor activities and I can’t sit still. When my parents tell me to calm down, I come up with this crazy idea and me and my brother play the game and we get riled up again. Being athletic challenges me to be stronger and be with the boys doing things.

    A Bus
    I ride the bus everyday to school. Sometimes we are late though because we have a lot of stops. I really like my bus driver. Her name is Cindy, I call her Mrs. Cindy. Once the bus drive is over, one of us says either “See you in the afternoon!” or “See you tomorrow!” She always makes things fair and gets along with me. I am sad this is my last year at Franklin Elementary, because I will never have Mrs. Cindy drive me on that L33 bus ever again after this year.

    Obviously, once someone pulls these things out of the bag, they will know that is is me.

  17. “What’s in the Bag”

    I would put a basketball in the bag because I love basketball and it’s my favorite sport.

    (2) I would also put a kind message because I love kind messages, and they make me happy.

    (3) Another thing I would put in the bag is a Steelers hat because that is my favorite football team, and because I love love hats.

    (4) I would also put a Cavaliers jacket because I love that basketball team and because I usually get cold.

    (5) The last thing I would put in the bag is a picture of the mountains because I love camping and hiking in the mountains.

    (6) The last thing I would put in the bag is a brush. I would put a brush because I love doing my hair and it’s fun.

  18. What’s In The Bag?
    1. A basketball-I love to play basketball. It is one of my favorite sports. I really enjoy playing it.
    2. Math worksheets-Math is my favorite subject and I do it all the time in real life. Also, I think math worksheets really represent math.
    3. A book-I LOVE reading. I read in most of my free time. I would want a long book in the bag because I enjoy reading long books.
    4. Something blue-I would do this simply because my favorite color is blue.

    1. Sophie I never knew your favorite color was blue! See, I just learned something new (other than the fact that you are a secret trouble maker). Do you have a certain book you would put in there? A new one you are dying to read or maybe one you have already love that you want to read again and again? I am also jealous of your basketball skills - one sport I am not very good at!

  19. What is in the bag?
    In my bag would be…
    I would have a soccer ball because I play soccer.
    I would have cap, goggles, and swimsuit because I like to swim.
    I would have a pair of skis because I like to ski.
    I would have a picture to my dog because I love my dog.
    I would have All Star converse because I like to wear them.
    I would have my family because I love my family.
    I would have a picture of the beach because I like to go to the beach.
    I would also put my friends because I like my friends.
    I would put the movie “Cars” because I love that movie.

  20. What's in the bag?
    1. A soccer ball because soccer is a big part of my life and i love to play it with my friends and family.

    2. A cookie because I love to bake and it is diffidently one of my passions!

    3. A picture of Calder, my foster dog! He is so sweet kind and loving I diffidently miss him!

    4. A book because I love to read! If I could I would stay up reading until 3:00 in the morning if I could!

    5. Mrs. Weil because she was and still is so nice and caring to everyone! and I love her as my teacher!

    6. A colored pencil because I love to draw and express myself through pictures!

  21. The items that I would put into the bag would be one of my MVP trophies, a pair of cleats that I scored a lot of goals in and my jersey. When somebody pulled something out of the bag I think that they would be able to tell who it was right away. Most people in fifth grade know me as a soccer player. Not many people know that I do parkour or play hockey. Soccer is my favorite sport.

  22. Chloe

    1. A pink basketball because my basketball is pink, and my favorite sport is basketball.
    2. The book Rule Of Three by Megan McDonald because it is my favorite book, and I love to read!
    3. The Franklin Patriots symbol because I love Franklin!
    4. A dog stuffed animal because I love stuffed animals and I love dogs. They are my favorite animal!

  23. What's in the bag?

    I would put a cat. I love cats and they make me feel better when I am sick or sad.
    I would put Grimm’s Fairy Tales because I love to read and there are many crazy stories.
    I would put a book called The Kneebone Boy because it is my favorite book and it has a plotline that is thrilling every time I read it.
    I would put a stuffed animal Wisconsin Badger because I love Wisconsin and I love the team.
    I would put a map of Michigan because that is where I was born, so it is a very special place.
    I would put a map of Arizona because that is where I grew up from when I was eight months old to when I was four.
    I would put a map of Colorado because it is where I am now! It is a beautiful state and I love being here.
    I would put the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo because it is my favorite zoo.
    I would put a Culver’s because their frozen custard is SO YUMMY!!

  24. Keira

    1-A Basketball: Because I love to play basketball and It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m bored
    2-A Math Book: Because I am advanced in math and it is my favorite subject.
    3-High Socks: Because I wear them every day and I love all the fun designs and patterns.
    4-A Record Player: Because I play 4 instruments and love to sing. I listen to music whenever I can.

  25. I would put in a basketball jersey first, because that is my favorite sport. I have played it for a while (around seven seasons) and it helps to calm me. Next, I would add a book. Books are my gateway to escape things like homework and home dilemmas. Third, I would put in a type of fort. I really enjoy making and playing in forts. Fourth and last, I would put in my family. They help me with my problems and help me evolve into a better person. These are the things that I would put in the bag.

  26. a swimsuit - because swimming is very important to me. I’ve been doing swim team for 2 years.
    a volleyball - because I think volleyball is fun. I’m doing my second season of volleyball right now.
    a book - because I always like to read when I’m bored. I am bored very often.
    and a friend - because my friendship is really special to me. My best friendship is especially special to me.
    ~ Kaelyn S.

  27. If I was playing “What’s in the Bag?” , the items I would put in are: (1) Writing competition 1st place certificate, because in 3rd grade and this year, I won 1st place in the school writing competition, and I am very proud of that achievement. Also, writing is one of my hobbies and I write 30 minutes every day. (2) Texas Flag. I lived in Texas for eight years of my life and many of my friends and relatives still live there today. I will always be at home in Texas. (3) Math Olympiad ribbon of participation. I am in 6th grade math and have participated in math olympiad. Only three people qualified last year so I’m honored. (4) A song that I wrote. Most people know that I love to write music, since my presentation about it. It helps me calm down and I love to share my creativity with others. If someone pulled these things out, I think it would be pretty obvious it was me.